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Belize Latin America / Caribbean

✈ Keeping Kosher in Belize

Contributed by: Karen Kest | Last Date of Visit: January 2008

Kosher Info: Almost all the supermarkets have kosher American products, except for meats and cheeses. You can find almost anything including yogurts, cereal, crackers, bread, pickles, and tons of snacks to munch on.

Tourist Info: If you are looking for a gorgeous seaside vacation, the Cayes of Belize are the place to go. Ambergris Caye is an island in the Belizean keys in the Caribbean Sea. It is the largest of the islands, thus there are more resorts, and it is easier to get to. Rest assured, however, that this is not an overbuilt resort city like Miami. Any resort not directly in town will offer solitude and beauty. The other islands are even more quiet and isolated, but there may not be as much to do (i.e. daily diving excursions, etc.) The Ambergris Caye is a picture post card setting with white sandy beaches, a clear turquoise sea, and palm trees with coconuts.

The best relaxation of your life can take place on this island but if you’re worried you may be too relaxed there are many fun activities that one can do. I highly recommend going snorkeling or scuba diving at the barrier reef (the largest reef in the Western Hemisphere and the second largest in the world after Australia). You will see exotic sea creatures including sharks. Yes, sharks swimming right below you! DO NOT FORGET YOUR WATER CAMERA. If diving the ocean floor isn’t for you, there are many different water sports which can keep you busy, or, you can rent a bike or golf cart (the principle mode of transportation on the island) and check out the island.

I recommend staying in a hotel that has private cabana thatched huts on the sand, it is a unique and enjoyable experience.

If you’re wondering how to get to San Pedro from New York one must make a stop over at Miami International and then fly to Belize City (about a 1-1/2 flight from Miami). Once in Belize you will have the option to take a 2 hour boat ride or a 10 minute plane ride to the island. I did the boat ride one way and the plane the other. I recommend taking the plane, but just to warn you it’s a tiny plane with approximately 6-7 seats including the pilot.

One last recommendation…go to Guatemala while you’re already in Belize, it’s only a 2 hour drive from Belize City.

Jewish Info: Nothing at all…

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  • I second the motion about Ambergris Cay. Yes it is complicated, but fun, to get to.
    We stayed in the Blue Tang Inn ( a lovely casual hotel full of large suites right on the beach. A wonderful place to stay, cozy, short walk to town of San Pedro (as in the Madonna song). The rooms are like small apartments, full kitchen with refrigerator/freezer and stove, and dining area plus various bed configurations. We brought a carton of deep frozen dinners from Mauzone (already double foil-wrapped) ready for the oven and a frying pan so we could make locally-bought eggs for breakfast. Hotel provided coffee/tea/juice/fruit every morning.
    What a lovely island vacation.