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Eddie’s Travel: Netanya, Israel

State / Country
Netanya, Israel
Resort Name
Ramada Suites
Phone Number
+1 646 240 4118

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  • Don’t waste your money by going to a Eddies program. Paid $9000, for what’s maybe worth $6000. Yes the hotel and pool is nice, but that is about it. We are from America and hold 2 days of Yom Tov and unfortunately we had no minyan the second day when we were told otherwise, or a Yom tov meal. We were told by Shelly, the program director, “we gave you breakfast, most people ate then, if you want, you can pay extra for the hotel buffet lunch.” What did we pay an extra $3000 for? There was barely any shmura matzah or wine for the Seder. Water is free but if you want soda or juices at the meals, or wine, that is also extra!!! Then when I went to get breakfast and wanted to take some to my room for my family in a take away container, because we came home late, they didn’t let all of a sudden when they let the past few days. What are they worried about, there won’t be enough? I thought I’m on vacation, I have to be on their schedule and I can’t take anything, especially when there’s no food till dinner? I was told the manager made this policy. If you are coming from the US don’t waste your money by coming to an EDDIES program. There are much better values and programs elsewhere. We get it’s Israel but this is coming from someone who’s been to 7 different programs over the last 10 years, ranging from Hawaii, Las Vegas, San Diego, Canada, Florida I’ve seen a lot, good, mediocre and disappointing, this 1 falls to the latter. This is the most expensive and stingiest one of them all and it’s only the 1st day of chol hamoed.