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Passover Resorts: Valencia, California

State / Country
Valencia, California
Resort Name
Hyatt Regency Valencia
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  • We attended many programs through the years before finding the Passover Resorts program. Having just spent our 3rd year there, I can honestly say I strongly recommend it.

    Obviously, the California weather is a big draw. The Hyatt is located right off the highway in Valencia. LA and all of it’s attractions are easily accessible, but the immediate area around the hotel is decidedly suburban. There is ample shopping nearby, little traffic, and parking is free. The local area includes trails, parks, entertainment, and a Six Flags amusement park; great for Erev Shabbos and Yom Tov, when you don’t have a full day free but want to do something.

    The program always includes engaging and interesting speakers and fun entertainment. There are usually two entertainers a night which have included singers, magicians, mind readers, comedians… Something for all tastes.

    Speaking of all tastes, the food is always delicious and plentiful. My kids are picky eaters and this was the first program we found that had something for everyone at almost all of the meals. We have an allergy and a non meat eater in the family and they are great at catering to these issues! I have also seen them catering to low sodium, no sugar, you name it, diets.

    The kids camp at this program is amazing. The activities are enjoyable and the kids love the staff! My elementary school-aged child stays at camp from beginning to end most days (which is very unlike her). The teen programming is good, as well.

    Because it is a smaller program, (and because Jeanie and Mel are such great hosts) people really get to know each other there. They get a large group of repeat customers (like our family) and we have made several friends with whom we keep in touch through the year.

    The cons: to me these aren’t cons, but they might be to some. 1) mixed swimming. The Hyatt has only one pool and a hot tub. These are open to all sexes. The program gets a diverse crowd, but a good number are not put off by mixed swimming. 2) This program is definitely fancy enough, but it’s not over the top, like some other programs. Personally, my experience has been the the more over the top the program, more room for error. I’ll take consistency over flashiness any day. 3) the hotel is a Hyatt. It’s a nice Hyatt, but it’s not a 5 star resort on the beach.