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Many Kosher McDonald’s, Burgeranch, & Burgerim Branches in Israel Going Mehadrin

Israel’s three largest hamburger chains, McDonald’s, Burgeranch, and Burgerim, have announced a switch to using exclusively mehadrin-level glatt kosher meat.

This change, announced last week, is a direct result of an initiative by the IDF Rabbinate amidst the ongoing food donation campaign since the start of the conflict with Hamas.

The IDF Rabbinate’s initiative came in response to requests from religious soldiers for glatt kosher food. Although the chains are moving to mehadrin kosher meat, it’s important to note that many of their branches will continue to operate without kashrut certification at all. These branches, serving meat alongside dairy products and remaining open on Shabbat, aim to cater to a non-religious clientele.

Burgeranch burger & fries

The transition to mehadrin kosher meat marks the culmination of months of effort, part of a broader goal to ensure that all soldiers, regardless of their dietary requirements, have access to suitable kosher food options. This effort has also seen the involvement of global kashrut organizations, such as OU Kosher, underscoring widespread support.

Additionally, we’ve identified a wider trend of non-kosher restaurants in Israel becoming kosher since the Oct. 7th attacks by Hamas.

Source: Image and details via Israel National News and Matzav