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WARNING: Fake Kosher Symbols Appearing on Products

A warning was recently published to notifying kosher readers of an array of new fraudulent Kashrut symbols, particularly coming from products produced in China and India, but potentially elsewhere in Asia. These symbols may resemble Kosher certifications, however, they are fake and contain no recognized Rabbinical backing.

The kosher symbols in question

We suggest that companies who want to certify their products carefully ensure that they are working with reputable Kosher partners, and that Kosher-observing consumers ask a trusted authority if they come across a symbol they do not recognize.

Additionally, it isn’t uncommon for overseas brands to use real kosher symbols from recognizable kashrut orgs like the OU, OK, Kof-K, and others without permission. In these cases, it’s important to check the certification websites and for any unauthorized symbol usage.

It is also important to note that all restaurants and businesses featured on are certified by an Orthodox Rabbi or Kashrut agency, however consumers should consult their own Halachik authorities if they have questions or concerns.

The YeahThatsKosher Kashrut policy can be found here.