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How to Keep Kosher at an Airbnb or Home Rental

The last few weeks in August are prime time for summer vacations and the perfect way to enjoy the time between camp and school. Although many destinations these days offer ample kosher dining, having your own kosher kitchen is extremely convenient, whether you are using it to help supplement meals or for full on cooking.

The following tips can help guide you on setting up your kosher kitchen and may be applied to both Airbnb’s as well as hotels rooms with kitchens.

  • Tables and Countertops
    • Non-kosher tables can be eaten on after cleaning them thoroughly assuming that the table does not regularly come into contact with hot food. However, it is a common custom to place some sort of separation between the food and the table such as a placemat. The same is true for countertops that do not regularly come into contact with hot food.
  • Microwaves
    • It is recommended to double wrap any food that is being warmed in a non-kosher microwave oven. If the food is on a plate, the plate can be considered one of the two layers for the bottom of the food. This method (as long as there is no liquid between the layers) prevents taste from penetrating the food.
  • Ovens
    • Ovens should be kashered before use. Self cleaning ovens should be run for at least two hours and conventional ovens should be cleaned well (including the racks and doors) and then left on the hottest setting for two hours.
  • Stovetops
    • Both electric and gas stovetops should be cleaned well. Electric stovetops should be turned to the hottest setting for 10 minutes. For gas grates, a wide pot with water should be placed on the burner while they are turned to their hottest setting for 10 minutes.
      For both methods, for safety, avoid kashering all burners at once.
    • Glass topped ranges (including Corning, Halogen, Ceran) should be cleaned well and then turned to the hottest setting for 10 minutes. The area between the burners should not be used
  • Sinks
    • Sinks are permitted for occasional use if the sink has been cleaned well and the water is not hot.
  • Spring Water Machines
    • Spring water machines are permitted for hot and cold water if clean.
  • Urns and Kettles
    • Metal urns and kettles that become hot on the outside should be kashered. Insulated urns that do not get hot on the outside may be used.
  • Coffee, Coffee Makers and Keurig
    • Coffee makers and machines that are used only for regular or decaf coffee, or with kosher certified coffee may be used. Machines that are used with non-certified flavored coffee may not be used. Keurig machines that have used only kosher certified pods are permitted.

Thank you to the COR for providing the info for this article. Original COR article here.