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Kashrut Scandal: Kosher Certification Suing JetBlue Over Mislabeled Products

Travelers beware.

Kosher certification Kof-K is suing JetBlue Airlines for labeling Kof-K supervision on an artichoke snack in their Mediterranean Snackboxes. The Kof-K has said that they do not certify any JetBlue products and asked that the airline stop using the Kof-K’s name, as well as suing for other damages.

The artichoke snacks in question are made by the brand Elma Farms. Elma Farms, which was not named in the lawsuit, said on its website’s FAQ’s that “most” of its snacks are certified kosher, except for 3 items that do not include the artichoke snack.

“Kof-K is suing the airline for trademark infringement, false designation of origin and deceptive trade practices, among other claims. It also accused JetBlue of committing consumer fraud under New Jersey law and violating the New Jersey Kosher Food Consumer Protection Act.”

JetBlue does offer free kosher-certified snacks including Cheez-Its, Pop-Corners, Goodie Girl Cookies, as well as kosher drinks. Consumers should be vigilant when purchasing food items at the airport and on the plane to confirm the kashrut of each item.