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Ultimate Kosher Pesach Restaurant List 2022 – Open Chol Hamoed Passover

As Pesach approaches, the number one question we get asked is what restaurants will be open over Chol Hamoed. It makes a lot of sense. With so many days of yuntif that include many home-cooked meals and cooking for crowds, it makes sense that Chol Hamoed offers a much-needed rest from the kitchen. Below is a global list of restaurants that will be open over Chol Hamoed which will be continuously updated as the holiday approaches. As always, if we missed any restaurants, please let us know.

This list is something that takes a long time to compile, and a lot of sources (including many you) make it happen.

The same rules apply to what I state every year, so I will repeat it:

Before diving into the list below, please note the following:

  1. We will be continuously updating this list through the first days of chol hamoed (obviously not on chag), so check back and refresh this page.
  2. If you use an ad-blocker, we ask you kindly to turn it off for our website. Just allowing ads to appear will allow us to earn revenue for our hard work compiling information for you.
  3. All restaurants are kitniyot-free (outside of Israel), unless stated otherwise. This may not be the case in France and Queens, NY, so double-check with each restaurant.
  4. It is highly advisable to call in advance to verify the hours of operation as well as make a reservation (if possible), as many of these restaurants will be in high demand!
  5. The following list is not a recommendation of the restaurant or its kosher certification.
  6. Restaurants do not pay to be listed here. We will list any kosher restaurant that is open for Pesach Chol Hamoed in the world.
  7. For those traveling for the chag, here are halachic Yom Tov guidelines for hotel guests. Click to read more.
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Chabad NiagaraNiagara FallsONCanada
PopUp @ Chabad Hebrew Community CentreTorontoONCanada
Bayit Traiteur (16e)ParisFranceKitniyot
Berbeche (17e)ParisFranceKitniyot
Betheavone (St. Mande)ParisFranceKitniyot
Boaz (Charenton)ParisFranceKitniyot
Canal Grill (19e)ParisFranceKitniyot
Chez Franck (17e) ParisFranceKitniyot
Chez Papy (2e)ParisFranceKitniyot
Chez Victor Berbeche (12e)ParisFranceKitniyot
Chez Vicky (17e)ParisFranceKitniyot
Doron (17e)ParisFranceKitniyot
Douieb (9e)ParisFranceKitniyot
EtniKahn (Boulogne-Billancourt)ParisFranceKitniyot
Frank et Julien (11e)ParisFranceKitniyot
Japan Eat (11e)ParisFranceKitniyot
Jardins du Belvedere (17e)ParisFranceKitniyot
L’aile ou la Cuisse (16e)ParisFranceKitniyot
La Libanaise (17e)ParisFranceKitniyot
Le 120 (16e)ParisFranceKitniyot
Le King David (Neuilly-sur-Seine)ParisFranceKitniyot
Les Garçibs Boucher (11e)ParisFranceKitniyot
Maison Victoria (17e)ParisFranceKitniyot
Cafe Gan SipurAshdodIsraelKitniyot
Pasta BastaBeershevaIsraelKitniyot
Tishbi WineryBinyamina/Zichron YaakovIsraelKitniyot
Aresto RestaurantCaesaria PortIsraelKitniyot
HazalbanimCaesaria PortIsraelKitniyot
Ranch House (at Nevo Isrotel)Dead SeaIsrael
Ranch House (at Royal Beach Hotel)EilatIsrael
Pasta BastaGanei TikvaIsraelKitniyot
RozaGush EtzionIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Greg KitchenHaifaIsraelKitniyot
Pasta BastaHaifaIsraelKitniyot
Herbert Samuel (at Ritz Carlton Herzliya)Herzliya PituachIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Black IronJerusalemIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Cafe Gan SipurJerusalemIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Cafe LyonJerusalemIsraelKitniyot
Cafe RimonJerusalemIsrael
Focaccia MoshavaJerusalemIsraelNon-kitniyot
Happy FishJerusalemIsraelNon-kitniyot
Jacko’s StreetJerusalemIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Kedma MamillaJerusalemIsraelKitniyot
Machne AsadaJerusalemIsraelNon-Kitniyot
OrienTop (at Orient Hotel)JerusalemIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Pasta BastaJerusalemIsraelKitniyot
Rooftop Restaurant, Mamilla HotelJerusalemIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Sushi Rehavia (Emek Refaim Branch)JerusalemIsraelKitniyot
Tmol ShilshomJerusalemIsrael
Waldorf Astoria HotelJerusalemIsrael
IskanderKibbutz GadotIsraelKitniyot
ImaKiryat AnavimIsraelKitniyot
Pasta BastaMevaseret ZionIsraelKitniyot
Michali’s CafeModiinIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Pasta BastaModiinIsraelKitniyot
300 GramMoshav BetzetIsraelKitniyot
Gilli’s SteakhouseMoshav NovIsraelNon-Kitniyot
AgrocafeMoshav SrigimIsraelKitniyot
Beef BeharMoshav YaaraIsraelKitniyot
FedrikNess ZionaIsrael
El GauchoNetanyaIsraelKitniyot
Pasta BastaNetanyaIsraelKitniyot
Segev NetanyaNetanyaIsraelKitniyot
Shloshet HakazvatimNetanyaIsraelKitniyot
SamarkandOr YehudaIsraelKitniyot
ManuelPetach TikvaIsraelKitniyot
Nihon no-baPetach TikvaIsraelKitniyot
Mandarin RaananaRaananaIsraelKitniyot
Murphy’s Irish PubRaananaIsrael
Pasta BastaRehovotIsraelKitniyot
CampaniaRishon LeZionIsraelKitniyot
Rak KachaRishon LeZionIsraelKitniyot
Shipodey TziporaRishon LeZionIsraelKitniyot
SorentoRishon LeZionIsraelKitniyot
BodegaTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
ChumaTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
Darya (inside Hilton Tel Aviv)Tel AvivIsraelNon-Kitniyot
DvoraTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
GoshenTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
Lorenz and MintzTel AvivIsraelNon-Kitniyot
MalkaTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
ReginaTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
SamarkandTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
UnoTel AvivIsraelKitniyot
West Side (at the Royal Beach Tel Aviv)Tel AvivIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Lotte by Assaf GranitTiberiasIsraelKitniyot
Cafe LyonYavneIsraelNon-Kitniyot
TandukaYokneam HaMoshavaIsraelKitniyot
BaronitaZichron YaakovIsraelKitniyot
Boulangerie ZichronZichron YaakovIsraelKitniyot
Casa BaroneZichron YaakovIsraelNon-Kitniyot
Nachman SteakhouseZichron YaakovIsraelKitniyot
Tishbi BBQ GarageZichron YaakovIsraelKitniyot
Gam GamVeniceItaly
Gaucho GrillMexico CityMexicoKitniyot
TamarMexico CityMexico
Sami’sGolders GreenEngUK
Kasa GrillHampstead GardenEngUK
Tony Page @ the Island Grill
Royal Lancaster London Hotel
Kosher Canyon (Chabad Flagstaff)FlagstaffAZUSA[menu]
Lieder’s on PicoLos AngelesCAUSA
Trattoria NatalieLos AngelesCAUSA[menu]
Char BarWashingtonDCUSA
Izzy’s BBQ MiamiAventuraFLUSA
Milk Gone NutsAventuraFLUSA
Carmela’sBoca RatonFLUSA
DitmasBoca RatonFLUSA
Oak and EmberBoca RatonFLUSA
BissalehHallandale BeachFLUSA
Woks N RollsHallandale BeachFLUSA
Cafe NoirHollywoodFLUSA
Dikla DeliciousHollywoodFLUSA
The Cave Glatt Kosher Bar & GrillHollywoodFLUSA
41 MiamiMiami BeachFLUSA
China Beach / Wok on the BeachMiami BeachFLUSA
China Kikar Tel AvivMiami BeachFLUSA
Grill HouseMiami BeachFLUSA
MimosaMiami BeachFLUSA
Pita LocaMiami BeachFLUSA
Bubby’s Fish N’ ChipsNorth Miami BeachFLUSA
Ms DixieNorth Miami BeachFLUSA
Shalom HaifaNorth Miami BeachFLUSA
The Southside Smokehouse (pop-up) @ Solterra ResortOrlando area (Davenport)FLUSA[menu]
Meat BarSurfsideFLUSA
TYO SushiSurfsideFLUSA
Kosher CajunNew OrleansLAUSA
Rimon TulaneNew OrleansLAUSAKitniyot
Avenue Grill and SushiElizabethNJUSA
Riverdale Kosher Market (@ Six Flags Great Adventure)Jackson TownshipNJUSAPrivate catering group area
etc. SteakhouseTeaneckNJUSA
Richie’s Kosher PizzaTeaneckNJUSA
Yalla Teaneck (@ Doghouse)TeaneckNJUSA[menu]
BerryliciousCedarhurst NYUSA
The Cheese StoreCedarhurstNYUSA
ColbehGreat NeckNYUSA[menu]
Colbeh/PaprikaNew YorkNYUSA[menu]
Eighteen RestaurantNew YorkNYUSA
Hummus Kitchen (Hells Kitchen)New YorkNYUSAKitniyot
Hummus Kitchen (UES)New YorkNYUSAKitniyot
La BrochetteNew YorkNYUSA
Le MaraisNew YorkNYUSA
Lox @ Museum of Jewish HeritageNew YorkNYUSA
Mendy’sNew YorkNYUSA
Mr. BroadwayNew YorkNYUSA
Taam TovNew YorkNYUSA
Talia’s SteakhouseNew YorkNYUSA
Annie’s KitchenQueensNYUSA
Cafe MuscatQueensNYUSA
Holy SchnitzelQueensNYUSA
Citi FieldQueensNYUSADetails
Kosher PalateDallasTXUSA
House of KosherPhiladelphiaPAUSA

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Sources for this article include submissions from YeahThatsKosher readers, our YeahThatsKosher Facebook Group, YTK Instagram Community, LeGouteurCacher, GreatKosherRestaurants, debbestfood, and our own research.

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