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New Kosher Portuguese Chicken Eatery in NJ: Papí Chicken

Kosher Charcoal Chicken is now available in Englewood as Papi Chicken opened as North Jersey’s latest kosher restaurant. The restaurant is owned by Raphy Bitton of Prime Bistro (Lawrence, NY), and you can expect Papi Chicken to feature some of the cuts of meat available at Prime Bistro.

In addition to the Portuguese style chicken, the menu at Papi also features wings, chicken tenders, burgers, and steaks.

The steaks include ribeye, Delmonico, cowboy steaks and more, and are made from beef that is USDA Prime, Certified Black Angus Beef, 28 days wet-aged and dry aged. Chicken can be ordered charcoal style or fried, and is offered as whole or 1/2 chicken with white and dark meat options.

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Papi Chicken is located at 52 E. Palisade Ave, Englewood, NJ.
The restaurant is kosher certified by the RCBC.

Image courtesy of @scooplifestyle.