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Gourmet Kosher Pizza Catering Startup is Thriving: Aqua e Grano

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There are a number of pandemic-born kosher businesses that grew out of a need once we went into lockdown in 2020. Aqua e Grano is one of those businesses and is now thriving and growing in the Northeast bringing gourmet pizza catering and events to wherever you need it.

Founded by Fredrick Bijou, son of kosher chef and restauranteur, Albert Bijou, he brings his 15 years of hospitality and food-service experience to deliver the ultimate pizza experience with his visionary offering at Aqua e Grano. Inspired by the desire to disrupt the food-service industry, Fredrick has provided a concept that brings a gourmet pizza operation into a social space of your choice and creates an unforgettable experience. All that is required is that you schedule an event, pick the location, and Fredrick and his team deliver the rest, leaving you completely free to relax and enjoy the excellent food and atmosphere.

The business currently caters for events in the greater NY area but is willing to travel if needed in Florida or elsewhere.

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The magic begins with the basics, which is the quality and simplicity of their food. “Aqua e Grano” in Italian is simply “water and wheat,” which is where things all begin. Their pizza dough is naturally leavened and wild-fermented sourdough and crosses between Neapolitan and New York styles of pizza. It has the foundation of the Neapolitan, with the crispy, thin-crust of the New York style. All of our ingredients are fresh, organic, local, and seasonal. We take those excellent ingredients and blend them into an innovative and creative offering.

Along with their gourmet pizza offerings, Aqua e Grano features sides that complement the experience, such as the freshest garden salads, cheese boards, freshly baked focaccia bread, and indulgent desserts. They’ve recently added papatine fritte (french fries) to the menu and will soon be adding pasta fresca as well.

Also important to note: All of Aqua e Grano’s pizzas are available on gluten-free homemade dough. This is great for gluten-sensitive individuals and families.

>>> Click here to view Aqua e Grano’s full menu of what you can bring to your event or simcha.

Aqua e Grano is kosher certified by the JSOR.

Bijou prides himself on both quality and his approach with Aqua e Grano. “Pizza is usually seen as street food, a quick, inexpensive item. We’re trying to change the way people see it,” according to Bijou, a seasoned hospitality professional with over 15 years of experience in some of New York City’s finest restaurants. “Pizza is usually a countertop service, but we’ve taken that to the next level. The amount of work that goes in behind the scenes ensures that our guests enjoy great food and every minute of the experience.”

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