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[BRAND NEW] Taste of Akko Vegetarian Restaurant Opens in Brooklyn

the storefront of "taste of akko"

Taste of Akko is Brooklyn’s newest vegetarian spot, and it provides exactly what the name implies. The Israeli restaurant serves authentic Middle Eastern cuisine from the heart of Midwood. The food plus the כשר למהדרין sign above the door will have you wondering if you’ve left Brooklyn for Israel.

a black hummus bowl with a hardboiled egg in front of a salad bar
a white hummus bowl with a chickpeas and mushrooms in front of a salad bar

Taste of Akko offers tons of salatim, and other sides – you’ll find fresh malawach, three types of bourekas and more. For the mains, the restaurant has a variety of meals that can be served in a pita, a laffa or on a plate. Options include shakshuka, sabich and falafel. It wouldn’t be an Israeli restaurant without a long list of chummus choices. Taste of Akko has chummus with mushrooms, chummus falafel and more. Make sure you save room for dessert, Taste of Akko offers Israeli favorites that are hard to find in the U.S, including knafeh and malabi.

a white hummus bowl with shakshuka in front of a salad bar

Taste of Akko is located at 1724 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn NY. It is kosher certified by Rabbi David Navarro.

Taste of Akko is open Sunday-Thursday 9am-10pm, and Friday 9am-2:30pm.

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