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!! Airbnb Removes Listings from Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria !!

Airbnb is for everyone, except Jews apparently. 

There were approximately 200 Airbnb listings in Israeli towns in Judea and Samaria (commonly known as the West Bank to the Western world). Those listings have been removed by Airbnb under its first ever Listings in Disputed Regions.

Palestinian towns and Villages in the West Bank and Gaza will continue to have Airbnb listings on the platform.

Listings in disputed areas of Chinese occupied Tibet, Turkish occupied Cyprus, and Moroccan occupied Sahara are on Airbnb, and are not subject to the Disputed Regions ban. You can even rent an Airbnb in Jammu and Kashmir, the hotly contested region between India and Pakistan.

But it appears that Airbnb has focused its ban solely on the Jewish communities in the disputed territories. This double standard is the very textbook definition of anti-semitism. 


Angered and upset at Airbnb? Boycott.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center urges the community to drop Airbnb.

“This is double standard anti-Semitism pure and simple. Nowhere else on the planet has Airbnb stopped making its service available in disputed territories, except Judea and Samaria.”

There are a number of Airbnb competitors that we should checkout as consumers and the home renters from Airbnb should port their listings over to these platforms:

  2. VRBO
  3. HomeAway
  4. FlipKey / TripAdvisor Rentals




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