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Listing of Kosher Restaurants in the Poconos & Scranton, Pennsylvania

Camp Morasha is one of dozens of Jewish camps in the Poconos (image from thewbg.com)


There’s a stark juxtaposition between the volume of kosher options in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania versus the Catskill Mountains, across the state border in New York. The Catskills has dozens of kosher eateries (listed here) whereas the Poconos, hosting thousands of kosher observant campers and other summer travelers, only has a small handful of places to find kosher food, mainly in Lake Como, PA.

Here’s what exists:

  • Como Pizza
    • 3199 Creamton Dr, Lake Como, PA
    • Kosher under the supervision of Rabbi Rothwax
    • Cholov Yisroel, Pas Yisroel and Kemach Yashan
    • Summer season only
  • Stop, Chop, & Roll
    • 3199 Creamton Dr, Lake Como, PA
    • Kosher under the supervision of the Five Towns Vaad
    • Summer season only
  • Jericho Dairy Bar 
    • 418 Como Rd, Lake Como, PA
    • Kosher under the supervision of Rabbi @ Camp Morasha
    • All ice creams, brownies, frozen yogurts, mixes, cones, shakes, cakes, flurries, and frozen bananas are listed as kosher
    • Summer season only


Jericho Dairy Bar
  • Rita’s Italian Ice
    • 534 Scranton Carbondale Highway, Dickson City, PA
    • 1019 Washington Ave, Scranton
    • Kosher under the supervision of Scranton Orthodox Rabbinate
  • Krispy Kreme
    • 511 Moosic Street, Scranton, PA
    • Kosher under the supervision of the KOA
  • Kingston Kosher Pizza
    • 17 Second Ave. (lower level), Kingston, PA
    • Kosher under the supervision of Wyoming Valley Kosher (local Chabad) and is Cholov Yisroel / Pas Yisroel
    • Only open Sundays & Thursdays
    • Dairy & meat take out options available as well
Two additional options:
  1. Pocono Kosher, run the by the local Chabad, offers kosher takeout and delivery to any hotel or resort in Northeast PA and the Poconos year round.
  2. In the Honesdale region, the Camp Moshava Rabbi certifies ice cream products and slushies from both Gravity Ice Cream in Honesdale, and Carousel Water and Fun Park in Beach Lake, PA, during the summer months. A teudah is posted at both. (H/T Charles Laifer)

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