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NEW in LA: Kosher Vegan Spot “Wunder Eats” (Replacing Poke’Logic) Now Open (& Serving Impossible Burger)

Wunder Eats’ Superfruit Bowl

As of today, Wunder Eats is LA’s newest kosher restaurant, serving up a whole slew of healthy foods and vegan goodies, including the plant-based, beef-like Impossible Burger.

Located in Beverly Hills, Wunder Eats bills itself as a healthy kosher vegan restaurant offering a menu the includes:

  • The Superfruit Bowl – your choice of acai, pitaya, matcha green tea and chia seed pudding followed by unlimited free toppings of granolas, nuts, dry and fresh fruits followed by vegan sweeteners and butters
  • The IMPOSSIBLE BURGER – vegan burger plus vegan cheese 
The Impossible Burger is a reasonable $13 including a side and a drink. [Image by Ami Lock]
  • Chipotle Black Bean burger
  • Avocado Toast
  • Salads
  • Cold press juices, made to order
  • Smoothies
  • Home made lemonades
  • Aqua fresca
  • Home made vegan gelato and sorbet

Wunder Eats has as its mission to offer creative vegan cuisine at a price that is accessible for all.

Kosher certification for Wunder Eats is by Kosher LA.

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