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Shiloh’s Restaurant in LA is First to Serve the Impossible Burger

Pareve Impossible Burger, with real Cheese. (Not from Shiloh’s)

Ever since the Impossible Burger was announced as kosher certified in the last few weeks, kosher consumers have been clamoring to try this plant-based, completely meatless burger.

Now, kosher consumers can, at least those in Los Angeles. Shiloh’s Restaurant has officially unveiled that they are the first kosher restaurant worldwide to add the Impossible Burger to their menu.

The downside?

Shiloh’s is a meat restaurant.

Much of the excitement for the Impossible Burger was to mimic the taste and texture of real meat and add real cheese for a near-authentic cheeseburger. Shiloh’s can’t offer that unfortunately.

The burger is meaty, full of good protein but without the cholesterol, and significantly better for the environment. The burgers are made from water, wheat protein, potato protein, and coconut oil. The Impossible Burger’s secret to its beef-like flavor is heme, a molecule that gives meat its characteristic taste.

Numerous kosher restaurants around the country are testing the Impossible Burger in their restaurants, and YeahThatsKosher will be updated as more kosher places add this hot new item to the menu.

Double Impossible Burger, with real Cheese. (Not from Shiloh’s)

Photo Credits: @ImpossibleFoods on Instagram

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