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UWS Wine Bar & Dairy Restaurant Obtains Kosher Certification: Vino Levantino

Vino Levantino, a wine bar on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, has gained kosher certification. However, as of now, the restaurant offers both kosher and non-kosher wines, which are marked.

Dishes are of the vegan and dairy variety. Menu items include salads, vegetarian or fish burgers, and entrees that include Curry Pumpkin Balls, Vegan Lasagna, Pan Roasted Branzini, Moroccan Style Cod Fish, and more.

Desserts offered are cheesecake, creme brulee, chocolate lava cake, frozen creme brulee, kadif, and more.

Hours of operation are Sunday-Wednesday 4pm-midnight and Thursday-Saturday 4pm-1am.

Vino Levantino is certified by the IKC. The IKC hashgacha certificate specifically states that the foods prepared at the restaurant are strictly kosher (and dairy), (except not on Pesach), but that some of the bottled wines served at the restaurant are not. The kosher wines served are all mevushal.