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Top 17 Sufganiyot, Sfinj, & Kosher Donuts Around the World

Cafe Chocolat’s fancy, small batch cronuts

Kosher bakeries, restaurants, and cafes around the world have already started prepping their kitchens for the oncoming onslaught of fried-dough fiends hitting their shops. In Israel, eateries have been hawking sufganiyot the second Sukkot ended back in October.

For the purists out there who go out of their way to enjoy delicious fried foods during Chanukah, we wanted to compile a list of amazing kosher donuts, sufganiyot, and sfinj (Moroccan donuts) you can find around the world.

Please note that some of these places only serve these delicious fried foods around Hanukkah time, so call or message them in advance if you’re not sure. Also, these donuts can be pareve, dairy, or meat. Always ask to make sure.


There are obviously hundreds of kosher places that make amazing donuts, sufganiyot, and even sfinj around the globe. Here are some of our picks. If there are ones that we glaringly left off this list, comment below with your recommendations.


Listed by type, not ranked:



  • Frena Bakery – San Francisco, CA – Traditional Sufganiyot
  • Delice Bakery & Cafe – Los Angeles, CA  – Traditional Sufganiyot
  • Boulangerie Murciano – Paris, France – Traditional Sufganiyot
  • Gombo’s Heimishe Bakery – Brooklyn, NY – Traditional Sufganiyot
  • Bagel Nosh – Lakewood, NJ – Traditional Sufganiyot



  • Cafe Chocolat – Cedarhurst, NY – Fancy Square Cronuts
  • Cheskie’s – Montreal, QC, Canada – Flavored Sufganiyot
  • My Zaidy’s Bakery – Toronto, ON, Canada – Flavored Sufganiyot
  • Hava Java – Monsey, NY – Fancy Donuts
  • Kadosh – Jerusalem, Israel – Fancy Donuts & Sufganiyot
  • BATA – Jerusalem, Israel – Donut Holes
  • Sesame – Brooklyn, NY – Flavored Sufganiyot
  • Bakerie – Brooklyn, NY – Flavored Sufganiyot


  • בית העוגות (Bet Haugot) – Upper Galil, Israel – Sfinj
  • Paprika – New York, NY – Sfinj


  • Izzys BBQ’s – Brooklyn, NY – Lamb Bacon Donuts
  • Grill 212 – New York, NY – Traditional & Maple Double (Beef) Bacon Sufganiyot


Sfinj @ Bet Haugot
Trio of specialty sufganiyot from Kadosh in Jerusalem
Lamb Bacon donuts at Izzy’s BBQ on Chanukah
My Zaidy’s Bakery sufganiyah sandwich
Specialty Maple bacon sufganiyah by Zev Bachrach at Grill 212 in NYC
Caramel Sufganiyot at Sesame in Brooklyn, captured by @miniliciousbyrachelle
Boulangerie Murciano in Paris’s Le Marais neighborhood serves delicious traditional sufganiyot

If you’re seeking some of the always-available, year round kosher jelly donut, here’s a list of Kosher Dunkin Donuts & Krispy Kreme locations in North America.

Also, here’s our 2015 list of the best sufganiyot in Israel.


H/T to Miriam Pascal, Chanie Apfelbaum, and Rachelle Belne

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