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CORRECTION: Ruth’s in Florence, Italy Changes its Kashrut Certification




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  • dear Neil, Ruth’s kosher is still kosher, cholov israel and pas israel. the kehila is changing there rabbai, si, it’s why balagan is on. we wait you here. shalom. simcha.

  • I am sitting in Ruth’s right now. They are certified kosher till the end of the year when they expect to renew. The city of Florence is currently between Rabbis and the new one should be arriving soon. There is NO reason not to eat here. The food is good, the staff is nice and, above all, it is most definitely certified Kosher. I have photographed the certificate as proof. It is my sincere hope that will correct this mistake as soon as possible. ML.

    • Hi Michael,
      That’s not exactly how it works. If there is no rabbi providing the supervision, the certification document claiming ‘kosher supervision’ is somewhat meaningless now. The Jewish community announced that due to lack of a rabbi, there’s no way to certify the restaurant, hence this post. The post specifically says the certification you are looking at is now void. It behooves the restaurant to remove it for now.

      My post did not qualify the quality of the food or the staff. We’re also not saying that the restaurant is NOT kosher. We’re saying that it has lost its supervision. If that changes, we’ll gladly edit this post.

      • I’m not sure who you mean by ‘the community,’ but as i sit here enjoying my halav yisrael cheese cake, the owner is preparing food for the President of the local board who apparently eats here often enough. Your post is inflammatory and threatens the livelihood of the owner and workers of this establishment.

        • This post is quoting a source, and it is fact. There is no rabbinical kosher supervision at the moment. I hope that that fact changes for everyone’s sake.

          To state otherwise is false.

          • dear Dani, I ask you seriously to take away anu fake news from your website. i did send you our valid hechsher and email adress of our president, Mer. Dario Bedarisa. you can check both sourse. our parnasah is complitly changed after your effort and we will ask opur money back to who is responsable for such “dreck” . shalom. simcha jelinek,.

          • Hi Simcha, I have emailed the contact you posted about awaiting his reply, but I have not seen a kosher certification you are referring to.

      • Mr. Klein. Right now, in this moment, the board of our comunity is sitting in the meeting and they eat the food from our Restaurant. I asked the President, Mr. Bedarida, and he is sure that no one from all Jewish community comunicated with your “yeahthaskosher”. May be Dr. Levi, who finished his work in the end of last month, wanted to let know, that he is not anymore the Rabbai of this Kehila. He left the city and this is no secret. Every body, who comes to the Florence, know. We are depended to the community, the place is own by the community and can’t be open without the Community. So, please, before to share such fake news, which take out our parnassah and which is not only fake, but either much worse, write to Comunità Ebraica Firenze and inform yourself well. thank you. Simcha Jelinek, manager of Ruth’s kosher restaurant in Florence.

  • @simchajelinek:disqus @Director_59:disqus the article has been updated to reflect the new hashgacha. Thank you Simcha for sharing it.