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New Dairy Eatery & Bakery Open in Boca Raton, FL: Keter Bakery Cafe

A brand new bakery on the east side of Boca Raton has opened its doors. Keter Bakery Cafe is now serving delicious kosher breakfast, lunch, and pastries. All dairy products are Cholov Yisroel.

All types of baked goods can be ordered. Cheese danishes, eclairs, strudels, nougat mousse cake, blueberry or apple pound cakes, croissants, strawberry shortcakes, and more. A variety of different cheesecakes are available (plain, brownie chocolate, Oreo, marble, and dulce de leche).

Lavish cakes can also be customized and ordered for birthdays and weddings.

Hours of operation are Monday-Thursday 7am-10pm, Friday 7am-3pm, and Sunday 8am-10pm.

Keter Bakery Cafe is certified by the OK.

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  • Kosher? Dairy industry is the cruelest and most unhealthy on the planet, next to flesh consumption. We all need to re-learn the roots of Kashrut and meaning founded in compassion for animals.
    Kosher is more than a “Rabbi” waving the Torah over products.
    The one thing humans do NOT need in their diets is the bovine growth fluids from pregnant COWS, intended to grow THEIR CALVES into 600# cows. cows that are not even natural animals since science and eugenics created milk machines out of them.
    Time to rethink the “norm” when it comes to food choices since animal production kills the earth and causes unmitigated suffering to our non-human kin… DAIRY IS SCARY and Jews need to stop supporting this violent industry.