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4 Passover Travel Tips For First-Time In Israel

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Reasons To Visit A Foreign Country

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As you can see, there is a ton of brilliant reasons to decide to plan a travel. If you want to do a classy and smart thing, you should pick Israel as your travel destination. Israel has plenty of everything – great nightlife, beautiful beaches, the world’s most ancient cities, and stunning wildlife. And if you want to add extra fun to your vacation, gain confidence with casino games like roulette, blackjack, and poker. Just visit this online casino site to choose a casino that you like and start collecting bonuses, playing games, feeling the authentic Vegas rush just from home. It’s always better to be well prepared before facing a real-world casino experience.

Things To Know For Visiting During Passover

Israel is one of the most targeted places to visit in the Middle East. If this is your next travel destination, consider visiting during one of the major holidays. That’s actually when you can get the most from your travel and see how Israeli people celebrate their most significant moments of the year.

There’s a recent trend of spending Passover in a hotel or resort, both for foreign tourists and locals. No matter what, before you land in Israel for Passover festivities for your first time, you’d better know the following things:

  1. Book a hotel accommodation ahead
    If you are going to stay in a hotel, make sure to book enough ahead because finding a last-minute hotel accommodation during Passover may be really hard. Passover is the time of the year when thousands of Jews get back to Israel to spend the holidays with family, which makes very difficult to find an available hotel room even at a higher cost than usual.
  2. Searching about food
    If it’s your first time away from home or at least in Israel, searching for information about Passover is simply vital. You should look for what Jewish people usually eat on Passover day, so you can know what to order at the restaurant on that day. You will find that Jews eat 100% kosher foods for Passover that are certified by an authoritative rabbinic agency. If you are staying with family or friends and you aren’t sure if you like kosher food, just speak to them to see if they can help you with an “alternative” course at Passover.
    If you are staying in a hotel, expect to be served kitniyot during Passover. Kitniyot is any kind of rice, grain, legume, or corn. Although kitniyot come from the Sephardic tradition, most Jews in Israel accept this trend as a general nationwide-spread eating tradition at Passover. Another very common food that you may get served at hotels is a matzah-ball mix.
  3. Money-saving tip for traveling
    Being able to save money during a vacation is a challenging experience. If you think you can do it, just begin to learn some easy recipes that you can prepare yourself. Eating on vacation can be immensely costly, without mentioning that many restaurants and bakeries are closed for the Passover holidays. If you aren’t staying at a hotel (for example, you are staying at a rental apartment), plan shopping for food ahead. Having a kitchen where you can prepare your meals will help you save a significant amount of money.
  4. Places to see
    During Passover, you may plan to visit some of the most stunning places on Earth like Petra, the oldest city in the world, or the ancient city of Nabatean in Jordan. You may also visit Wadi Musa (Valley of Moses) with its “Moses’s Spring” which is the place where Moses is thought to find water after he struck a rock.

One of the most memory-impressive aspects of Israel is its multi-cultural society. You will certainly enjoy making friends with your tour guide or taxi driver and learn facts about their cultures.