New Kibbe Bar Opens in Northern Israel: Kube Guta

Last updated: May 11, 2017

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A new Kibbe bar has opened up in Tirat HaCarmel south of Haifa, Kube Guta. At Kube Gate you will find many Middle Eastern dishes besides Kibbe that are all made from scratch and fresh to order.

Kibbe is akin to a Sefardic kreplach, with an exterior made from a mix of bulgar and semolina wheat,  filled with chopped meat, pine nuts and spices. The soups come in a wide variety: Okra, pumpkin, beet, and other chef specials.

Other items you can order at Kube Guta include: fried Kibbe, kitzitzot which are ground beef patties or stuffed vegetables (zucchini, onion, peppers, potatoes) with rice and beef. If you aren’t up for meat, they also offer a vegan kibbe and salads too.

The price of the dishes reigns between 30-34 shekels offering great value for a very filling dish.

Kosher Rabbanut Tirat HaCarmel


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