New Gourmet Dairy Mehadrin Restaurant in Jerusalem: Ta’amon

Last updated: July 10, 2016

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taamon-restaurant-mehadrin-jerusalem-dairyLocated on Rechov Haniviim, a street not exactly known for restaurants, a new gourmet dairy restaurant called Ta’amon. The original Ta’amon that was located on King George st., and wasn’t kosher; it has nothing to do with this one.

Ta’amon is joining a great group of new restaurants that are opening up around the city.

Ta’amon offers a fine dining cuisine with many different dairy dishes. There is no specific cuisine, but the menu looks very interesting, offering a range of appetizers like arancini or risotto; different kinds of pizzas, pastas, fish and salads for main course; and real dairy desserts like homemade chocolate truffles.

Kosher Mehadrin Harav Rubin

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  • Chuck Lowenstein

    You should also note the connection with the Litov Boutique Hotel next door

  • gavers

    How is it unrelated if it says “since 1938”? Where has it been for the past 80 years?