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Harbour Grill Gourmet Now Open in Surfside

Cured meats

Harbour Grill has opened a butcher shop/restaurant combo in Surfside last month under the name Harbour Grill Gourmet. This place is a dream come true for meat lovers and foodies. There are aged rib eyes, smoked meats, and charcuterie platters at a meat counter for customers to take home and enjoy. Everything is made on site.

The upscale menu includes delicacies such as cured veal, duck pate, lamb chorizo, and chicken sausage. There are also soups and salads to balance out the menu.

Harbour Grill Gourmet is open from Sundays through Thursdays. Lunch hours are 11am-5pm and dinner is from 5:30-10pm. Friday hours are from 10am-2pm.

Harbour Grill Gourmet is certified by the KM (Kosher Miami). harbour-grill-gourmet-kosher

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  • Was just there at the bucher shop. I tried half a dozen items with the manager choosing them and insisting it was the best in the country. What a misstatement lol. The cured meats were dry and lacked flavor. 4 of the 6 were really no good. Do yourself a favor and go elsewhere. Their restaurant next door is supposed to be good so you can always try that.

  • Just tried this place for the first time and boy was I blown away. If you, like me, are a Charcuterie and aged meat aficionado then do yourself a favor and try this place. The manager was there when I went and personally took care of me, assorting his best meats on a charcuterie platter with the small cornichons and honey grain mustard. I paired that board with a nice chilled glass of riesling and I was in heaven. I must say that well made authentic Kosher charcuterie is extremely difficult to come across in the States but this place figured it out. To my astonishment it is on the same level if not above some of the charcuterie I’ve tried on my trips to France or Israel. But that was just the start…….. Once they started bringing out their gourmet dishes, that is when I realized that this place was on a whole different level. The manager had me tried the beef cheek flatbread as well as the short rib dumplings = out of this world. Everything from taste, texture, plating was perfect and you could actually see how meticulous the Chef is when preparing his plates. Every dish left me wanting more. The dessert as you can imagine was also unbelievable, I opted for their version of the lemon meringue tart which was delicious and cleverly designed.

    I can honestly and confidently say that this is one of the best Kosher restaurants I’ve ever been to and urge any other Kosher Foodies out there to try it out. This place will not disappoint.