BREAKING: First-Ever Kosher Restaurant Opens in Ecuador

Last updated: December 18, 2015

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kosher-pita-grill-guataquil-ecuador-insideA brand new type of restaurant opened in Ecuador on Tuesday this week: a kosher one, opening in Guayaquil.

Kosher Pita Grill is an Israeli / Middle Eastern style kosher restaurant serving falafel, burgers, shwarma, kebabs, schnitzel, soups, salads, and more.

The Israeli owner of Kosher Pita Grill also informed YeahThatsKosher that until 3 years ago there was no kosher infrastructure for the local Jewish population. Since then, kosher food can be found in supermarkets, there’s an active synagogue / Chabad, and now, finally, a kosher restaurant.

The kosher supervision for Kosher Pita Grill is under the local Chabad, the Comunidad Judia De Guayaquil, Jabad Lubavitch, under Rabbi Uriel Tawil.



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