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Galvanizing the #KosherFoodie Movement to Raise Money for the Hungry

Earlier this week, we published an article about hunger and it struck a nerve. We really do need to give back more, and not just around the holidays.

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We in the “foodie” community often take it for granted that we don’t go hungry, we don’t have to worry about meals. But that is not the case for everyone in our community. We need to give back more.

We’re seeking to have #KosherFoodies “doing good” for the wider community – essentially galvanizing the kosher foodie movement for a singular cause – to provide meals for those who don’t have.

Many of you already feel a part of the #KosherFoodie movement, so now there are 2 great reasons to participate in this campaign:

  1. Awesome #KOSHERFOODIE shirts in a ton of designs
  2. Proceeds going to charity

Purchase any #KosherFoodie apparel from our campaign to get involved. Apparel is limited and will only be available until August 20th

Profits to be donated to an organization feeding the hungry and the poor: Yad Eliezer, Masbia, or another org. The community will choose where the proceeds go. Proceeds to be donated to the community’s choosing.

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