Quick Review on Holy Rollers Kosher Sausage Cart in NYC

Last updated: February 12, 2015

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We announced the kosher cart Monday morning, and it was the most popular article we have ever published on YeahThatsKosher.com. That’s pretty amazing and I can’t explain it. We drove so much attention to the cart, that for the last two days (i.e. their first 2 days in business), they had long lines and sold out early both days.

I was fortunate enough to catch them yesterday before all the food was gone and was able to try a Cajun sausage topped with hot pastrami, chili, and fried onions. It was delicious. I fully support those that choose to wait in a queue in the cold for one (or two!) of these delicious dogs for lunch.

Cajun #sausage w/chili, pastrami, and fried onions. #Amazing & #delicious by Holy Rollers.

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One thing I should note is that the cart is nearly entirely unmarked/unbranded, save for the OU kashrut certificate hanging on the side. They haven’t properly branded the cart, nor do they have their pricing up yet – although I imagine that is their next step. [Their official prices have been updated to our original Holy Rollers post here].

Bear with them as they figure out the launch of this small little kosher outpost on the street. The food alone is worth the wait.

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