Hummus 21 in NYC: Not Glatt Kosher

Last updated: December 9, 2014

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hummus-21-midtown-east-nycWe’ve received a lot of questions about the new “kosher” Midtown East restaurant, Hummus 21, which despite its name, is a nice sit down meat restaurant with waiter service, but unfortunately does not have a mashgiach temidi and is open on Shabbat. In a long conversation with the owner, they fully acknowledge that there is no kosher supervision over Shabbat, nor consistently throughout the week. Having said that, all the meals they serve on Shabbat are prepaid for those non-Orthodox Jews in the area who want to dine out on Shabbat in the neighborhood.

Hummus 21 claims to only procure Glatt Kosher meat that is certified by the OU. The restaurant is under the kosher supervision of the IKC (Rabbi Zev Schwarcz of Brooklyn), but is not recommended for anyone who eats Glatt Kosher, due to their lack of supervision.

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  • DS

    You shouldn’t make a policy of commenting on the merits or strengths of different hashgachot. Rabbi Zev Schwarz and his hashgacha may be acceptable to some, and not to others. Your role as a website is disseminating information, not commenting on the halakhic policies of individual kashrut agencies. Let the consumers ask Rabbi Schwarz for information.

    • Elli TheKingOfB’way

      Why does this offend you DS? Kosher is kosher. How can a place (or a Rabbi) that doesn’t follow the basic rules of Kashrus and Shabbos be relied on to be careful with food?

  • Jim

    It’s all one big money making sham folks. John Lennon once asked a German Jew he was having lunch with at the Russian tea room ” How does it feel to be half Master race and half chosen people?”