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Florida News

New Kosher Bakery & Cafe in Miami, FL: Zak The Baker

Zak The Baker is not your average bakery. Located in Wynwood, which is not quite South Beach, not quite Miami Beach, Zak The Baker fits in perfectly among the neighborhood’s trendy bars, galleries, and restaurants.

Zak The Baker is unique in that although they are a cafe in addition to a bakery, their main focus is bread. But not just your average breads– there are a whole lot of flavors!

Jewish Rye from
Jewish Rye from
  • multigrain
  • walnut ‘n’ cranberry
  • sesame
  • Jewish rye
  • olive ‘n’ za’ata
  • sunflower
  • plum fennel ‘n’ rye
  • challah

Patrons can spreads their toast with guacamole, hummus, beets, and feta cheese and feel good knowing they are eating locally harvested, organic products.

The cafe is evolving slowly, but Zak The Baker will soon offer soups, salads, and sandwiches to compliment the open-faced toasts.

Zak The Baker is under the hashgacha of the Va’ad HaKashrus of Miami.