ProtectOhr: A New Product to Assist Frum Travelers

Last updated: May 20, 2014

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ProtectOhr-Shabbat-Light-Sticker-1Ever stay in a hotel over Shabbos or a Chag and have housekeeping shut off the lights? Or similarly, ever stay in a hostel with other guests who are not observant and who shut the bathroom light off? Here’s a quick fix: ProtectOhr stickies.

Simply take a ProtectOhr sticky and place it on or next to the light switch in your room, bathroom, or to whatever light switch you want kept on. This is a great product for travel, but can also work well in homes with children, rooming situations with non-observant or non-Jewish people, etc.

This will come especially handy for those taking extended vacations for Pesach, Sukkot, Winter break, or anytime over Shabbat.

ProtectOhr stickies can be ordered in multiple languages here: ORDER PROTECTOHR

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