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California News

“The Difference”: Kosher Meat Restaurant Opening in Los Angeles, CA

UPDATE 7.8.14:
The Difference is open! Their hours are Monday-Thursday from 12 pm- 10 pm with a 3 hour break between lunch and dinner (closed from 2:30pm -5:30pm) and closed on Fridays. They are open Saturday nights from 8pm-10pm and Sundays from 12pm-10pm minus 2 hours in the middle (closed from 3 pm – 5 pm.)

The menu is classic American (think: burgers) mixed with Israeli (i.e. shawarma, schnitzel). They also have a nice wine selection and some tasty sounding desserts–We’ll have the “apple ronaldo” please!

Have you been to The Difference yet? Comment below and let us know how you liked it!


After being open for 18 years, Milk ‘n’ Honey restaurant in Los Angeles, California was recently sold, but not to worry, the
difference storefrontLA kosher scene bounces back quickly! There is a new meat restaurant in the works called The Difference: Grill and More. 

All we know is that it has a lovely maroon awning (see picture to the right) but we will keep you posted as we get the scoop!

Source: Great Kosher Restaurants