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Who is Responsible for the Kashrut of a Restaurant’s Sukkah?

It seems that most of the major kosher supervision agencies are taking responsibility for the kashrut of the Sukkot outside of the kosher restaurants that they supervise. (A list of kosher restaurants with sukkot will be published shortly).




The following agencies have responded via email:

  • RCC (California): “We are speaking to our places that have sukkot that halacha must be followed.
  • KLBD (UK): “We do take responsibility for the Succos.
  • Kosher Australia: “We do not  ordinarily supervise the Kashrut of the Sukka  in establishments that  are under Kosher Australia.  However, we can do so on request.

We are still waiting to hear back from the OU, MK, and some other agencies. This post will be updated accordingly.

Sukkah in front of the former Burger King in Jerusalem
Sukkah in front of the former Burger King in Jerusalem

In Israel, the website “Jerusalem Kosher News” contacted all the major kashrut agencies and reported back with their responses (of those who responded):

  • Jerusalem Rabbinate: In response to your question, the Chief Rabbinate of Jerusalem does indeed have the responsibility for the kashrus in eateries under its supervision.
  • Badatz Mehadrin (Rabbi Avraham Rubin): Any sukka in proximity to the store is under our supervision.
  • Badatz Machzikei Hadas in Eretz Yisrael (Belz): No (as in, we are not responsible)
  • OU Israel: As in years past we will take responsibility only for Sukkos (in our establishments) that have a teudah from the office certifying their sukka as Kosher. In addition to the regular teudat kashrus, one should see an additional certificate attesting to the kashrus of the sukka.
  • Badatz Eida Chareidis: In response to your inquiry – generally speaking, regarding a hotel/restaurant under the supervision of the badatz, the mashgiach supervises the kashrus of the sukka.
  • Badatz Beit Yosef: Yes, the Badatz supervises and inspects the sukka to make sure it is kosher. However, it is always advisable to check [for oneself]

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