A Review of “Toast” in Woodland Hills, CA

Last updated: April 16, 2012

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Review submitted by Estee C.  


Address: 15001 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills, CA
When did it open: 2 months ago

Ambiance: Cool, valley chic. Light colors, modern fixings. Beautiful out door seating option. Upscale, trendy, super clean, but has a warm vibe. You feel very valued as a customer and welcome in this place. Rodeo Drive meets Tel Aviv but doesn't snob you out.

Food options: Different kinds of "Toast" which is an Israeli way of doing really cool sandwiches, lots of Feta cheese. Beautiful, original, fresh salads. Large selection of gourmet coffee drinks, shakes, and desserts. Also has pastas and bagels.

Taste: Delicious. They only use very fresh, high quality ingredients and go the extra mile- for example, their "white chocolate" coffee has real white chocolate chips at the bottom unlike others who just use syrup.
Family friendly: Yes. I would recommend starting the kids with a strawberry-banana shake and eating outdoors if weather permits.

Overall experience: Excellent. We haven't had something this good since Mocca closed a couple years ago. I will definitely be back.

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