Kosher Kiosk Operating Inside SONY Building in NYC: Rieu Cafe

Last updated: February 13, 2013

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UPDATE: Reiu is no longer Kosher.
This came as news to me. Apparently there has been a kosher kiosk operating inside of the SONY building for some time now (at least that’s what their website claims).

Rieu Cafe is a pretty little stand in the SONY building lobby with high end coffee, bagel sandwiches, and numerous pastries including cookies, muffins, croissants, donuts, and more.

Always nice to hear about the options we have in NYC.

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  • Elan

    Yeah for about 5 years, right outside of Solo.  Although I would double check to see if the food is kosher.  It was all under the OU many years ago but then just the coffee was kosher.  It still might be the case.

  • Reb Yid

    Stopped by this morning. They have been certified kosher for two weeks now (Marmorstein or Mehlman). Nice selection of bagels, pastries, sandwiches, salads. Added benefit of the public seating available in the atrium.

  • I went there about two weeks ago (after seeing on Koshertopia that they are under Hashgacha). The man behind the counter said that they were not kosher, but just to be sure, I asked if they had a kosher certificate, and he confirmed that they do not. Note that, as of a few minutes ago, they were not listed on Koshertopia at all.

    • Thanks Joshua. It’s entirely possible that they are no longer Kosher. Will update the post.