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Dr. Sandwich (@ Super Sal) in Encino, CA [Guest Review]

[This is posted on behalf of a friend from Southern California]

Dr. Sandwich is a little restaurant that lives right outside of Super Sal; you buy your food inside the market and eat it on the covered area on the side walk. I go to Super Sal very often, but for some reason I was never enticed to eat a pita on the side walk. Until now.

We had A shwarma sandwich and a falafel sandwich & Diet Cokes.

What We Enjoyed: The food was surprisingly delicious! This was one of the best falafels I’ve ever had. Maybe the best. My husband said the same about the shwarma. We didn’t share with each other like we usually do, we each gobbled our sandwiches up. G-d it was so good. Service is quick.

Needs Improvement: You have to observe the dining experience in advance and decide if it meets your comfort level. You will be eating messy food on the sidewalk with a crowd of people who feel a sense of kinship with you and therefore have no problem commenting on your food, style, or parenting. Welcome to what seems like “Little Israel”.

Prices: Reasonable and worth every bite. Approximately $8 a meal.

Family Atmosphere: Definitely kid friendly. It’s too bad they took away the rides they used to have, but kids are welcome and are common here.

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