Renting Movies in the 5 Towns

Last updated: December 31, 2013

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For those of us living or visiting the 5 Towns in Nassau County, you’re well aware that there’s a plethora of kosher restaurants (some good and some not), a few late night hangouts, and shuls galore. But one thing that I keep hearing people complain about … there’s nothing to do at home since all the movie / DVD rental places have closed.

  • Hollywood Video went out of business on Rockaway Turnpike.
  • Blockbuster Video went out of business in the Peninsula Shopping Center in Hewlett.
  • But earlier this week I passed by a still alive Blockbuster Video within a 10 minute drive from the area. It was like spotting an endangered species in the wild.

    It is located at 58 East Merrick Road, Valley Stream, NY, a mere ~10 minute drive from the heart of Woodmere.

    Just thought this warranted a short post. I know my neighbors in the 5 Towns will appreciate it.

    –You’re Welcome.

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    • mobillet

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