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✈ Cannes, France

Contributed by: Michelle Szpilzinger | Last Visited: June 2010

Kosher Info: This is a Google Map I made of kosher places. There are two kosher restaurants in Cannes.

Le Tovel is a very nice meat restaurant run by Chabad that has indoor and outdoor seating and is just a few blocks inland from the beach. My friend ordered lamb and I ordered a steak. Both were excellent. We did not see them, but other friends who have been there say the restaurant has menus in Hebrew. (We only saw the French ones.)

Kitchen is just down the street from Le Tovel. It serves French cuisine and has what looked like a very good (but somewhat more limited) menu.

The kosher grocery listed was closed when we went there (at about 2pm) and I have no idea what their hours are. We took a peak inside and saw the usual kosher packaged products and snacks but couldn’t tell if they had refrigerated products. We were not able to check to see if the butcher store exists or what they have.

There is a Haagen Dazs on La Croisette across from the festival hall with packaged bars that have an OU.

Tourist Info: Cannes’s claim to fame is the yearly Cannes Film Festival which runs in May. If you go during festival time, you might want to book a year in advance and expect huge crowds. In early June it’s a lovely, pleasant place to visit and you can walk the red carpet (or blue carpet when we were there) of the Palais des Festivals and pretend to be a movie star yourself. Just outside the festival hall is a Hollywood Walk of Fame style row of handprints from many international movie stars.

Those interested in history will want to climb up to Le Suquet, Cannes’s historic core, but most just come to shop and browse at the fancy designer stores and hotels along Boulevard de La Croisette, Cannes’s beachfront promenade. You can also take a ferry to Ile St. Marguerite, a pleasant island nearby with nice views, parks, and the fort and building that once held the famous “Man in the Iron Mask.”

Jewish Info: We were not in Cannes for Shabbat, but you can probably contact Chabad for meals and resources. We did see a fairly large Synagogue near the train station, but it was closed when we were there.