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Kosher on Campus New York USA

Kosher on Campus: CUNY Brooklyn College

Contributed by Dani Klein & Charlie Shrem

Brooklyn College is extremely Jew friendly. School is suspended for basically every Yom Tov (not chol hamoed though). I have never come across a situation where I was placed with a scheduling conflict due to my religious observances.

Brooklyn College makes every attempt to accommodate the needs of its Jewish students, in fact, the Kosher cafeteria, located on the lower level of Boylan Hall, rivals the nearby non-Kosher cafeteria. It is the place where people hang out and can purchase pizza, wraps, soups, sandwiches, snacks, and other dairy/pareve lunches, after or even during class hours. They now offer breakfast meals as well for those early class goers! The owner of the Kosher cafeteria, organizes a large daily mincha minyan each day at 1:30 PM, in an area next to the cafeteria.

Brooklyn College boasts a large Hillel House right off campus on the corner of Campus Rd. & Hillel Rd. (directly behind the Flatbush Ave. junction). Within the Hillel you can find Hillelicious, a surprisingly delicious meat cafe with similar offerings to Subsational. The crispy chicken sandwich and special sauce is amazing! Hillelicious is open daily, typically for lunch hours only. you cna check out their menu on the BC Hillel site:

There is a larger Starbucks right off campus as well, on the corner of Hillel Road, directly across the street from the Hillel House.

This is a picture I took back in 2002 when I was a student there. It’s a really beautiful campus. ~Dani

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Dani Klein

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  • Dani, to this day their crispy chicken is one of the best I ever had, probably because no one else used a batter around here but them, and they had a think crisp! What I would do for another sandwich, or at least the recipe