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✈ Keeping Kosher in Phoenix, AZ


Contributed by: Lisa Weinberger | Last Date of Travel: Presently living in Area

Where are the Kosher Places in Valley of the Sun?

Making the move from the Tri-State area where there were Kosher establishments to eat from Noah’s Ark and Veggie Heaven in Teaneck, NJ to the multiple choices of Kosher places located throughout NYC, moving to the Phoenix Metro area was a bit of a culture Kosher shock.

Kosher Info: There are only a few Kosher restaurants in the Phoenix Metro area. There are many “Kosher Style” restaurants but although a nice idea, these don’t pass for Kosher. Segal’s Kosher Foods sells and serves meat located at 4818 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ‎. In the same area of Phoenix, Imperial Kosher Market is the hub to getting the Kosher foods you are use to from the Tri-State area at a somewhat reasonable price. They carry a decent amount of items and cold cuts. Imperial is located at 1145 E Glendale Ave, Phoenix, AZ.  Over in Scottsdale, there is Scottsdale Kosher Market which is a Kosher Market and a place where you can also sit down and eat. Again, not a full restaurant and pricing on their products are a little above and beyond. They are located at 10211 N Scottsdale Rd, Paradise Valley, AZ. 

And the best find is a vegetarian place called Fresh Mint in Scottsdale which has its Vaad’as do the others. Fresh Mint has been opened for six (6) months and makes amazing vegetarian cuisine and is located at 13802 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ.

Trader Joe’s throughout the Valley of the Sun carries Empire meat products and Kosher wines. Phoenix also has their own Kosher bakery called Simply Bread. Their challah and artisan breads can be found at A.J. markets or the Kosher Markets around the Valley of the Sun.  A few Websites to check out are or

Tourist Info: Since I have lived in the Phoenix area for close to three (3) years, I have found some interesting areas to visit. The Friendship Japanese Garden located in downtown Phoenix, as well as Heritage Historic District, the Orpheum Theater, the Phoenix Library are all located within blocks of each other. There is the Phoenix Children’s Museum, the Arizona Science Center, Frank Lloyd Wright Museum and Wrigley Mansion all located in the Valley. If you are looking for places outside of Phoenix to visit, then I suggest the amazing colors of the Red Rocks of Sedona which does have a fairly large Jewish community, as well.

You will need to rent a car as public transportation will not get you to every place you want to visit. When in the Valley of the Sun, a car is a must. If you plan to stay in the downtown general area, then a bicycle could work as well.


Jewish Info: While visiting the Valley of the Sun, there are many synagogues ranging from Reformed to Orthodox and Chabad. The synagogues are located mainly in Scottsdale and Central Phoenix. There are a few sporadic temples and Chabad organizations in the outside areas of these two, but most of the Jewish places of worship will be found in Scottsdale and Central Phoenix.

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  • Also being a lifelong resident of Scottsdale, I would like to corroborate this poster’s contribution about Phoenix kosher establishments. However, there is one error, tons of details that are missing, and an illegitimate claim about prices at the Scottsdale Restaurant.

    1. The Scottsdale Kosher Market is NOT located in Paradise Valley rather Scottsdale, on the SE corner of Shea Blvd. and Scottsdale Rd. The adjacent restaurant is called “Jerusalem Pita” and offers an authentic Israeli menu. The restaurant is very clean, the food is fresh, the prices are standard, and the hashgacha is Chabad of Scottsdale.

    Most of the major supermarkets (Fry’s, Safeway, Walmart) all carry a standard selection of kosher sundries and frozen foods (don’t expect to find fresh meats)

    Next to Segal’s restaurant and grocery store on 7th Ave is King Solomon’s Pizza–cholov yisroel, pas yisroel, Vaad of Arizona. King Solomon’s has been serving delicious pizza, salads, baked ziti, and fish and chips for quite some time now and they do a great job. The owners are very friendly people and the food is better than some kosher pizza joints in NYC! Every Wednesday they serve Mexican food (cheese enchiladas, chimichangas, quesadillas, fish tacos, and bean and cheese burritos. It’s authentic mexican food!

  • I don’t live in Phoenix anymore, but one place I visited was Chompie’s Deli. The one I went to was at Paradise Valley Mall.
    The best Knish I’ve ever had was served here, even better than ones I’ve had in NYC.

  • If you’re looking to stay at a resort and don’t mind breaking your budget (seriously), there is an option for kosher meals at Enchantment in Sedona. Executive chef Steven Bernstein is Jewish and personally cooks for people who request kosher meals using new pots and dishes. Everything baked is double wrapped and food is served in plastic or new dishes. We went for dinner, and were served surprise types of salad and fish, and were given the option of ice cream or fruit for dessert. But be warned: one fish dish is $40, and our dinner for 5 came out to above $300. Meat can also be done on request.