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New in NYC: Maoz & Clubhouse Cafe

Late last month, Arielle and I went to find a late bite to eat on the UWS and found a brand new place that just opened that night: Maoz Vegetarian. The name alone told me entrepreneurial Israelis have invaded the U.S. yet again. We walked in and found an Israeli-run Pareve / Vegetarian falafel place (with a Hashgacha). You could purchase your falafel as a part of a meal (with Belgian Fries) or a la carte. While I am not a fan of falafel, and I’ve had my share in Israel, Maoz’s took the cake. The falafel was awesome! To top that off, the fries were even better!

I don’t know what it was, but I just liked the atmosphere, and definitely the food. As it turns out, there are a few locations in NYC other than the one we found on Broadway between W70th and W71st streets. They also have locations by Union Square and on East 8th st near NYU. After visiting their super fun website I learned that they have additional locations in Philly, and MANY overseas including: Paris, Mumbai, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Perth, and 4 in The Netherlands. I must note though that I am not 100% sure that these are kosher. The good news is these places are vegetarian & do not offer any meat products. So feel free to check it out.

My wife and I have a ritual that every month or so we go on a date to a restuarant that we both want to try. She had been wanting to check out Clubhouse Cafe located on W.46th street between 6th and 7th Avenues. The establishment is owned by Le Marais located across the street, in the heart of the theater district in Times Square. Clubhouse Cafe is not your typical kosher restaurant. When you enter it’s as if you’re in some small trendy meatpacking bar, full of exposed brick walls, purple-black lighting and mirrors everywhere. There’s a bar up front, with a large flat screen for those who want to sit and drink. In the back there is a seating area and another flat screen (although it was not on when we were there.)

The food is traditional American-fare made upscale. Appetizers include duck empanadas, we tried those they’re pretty small but good – and buffalo wings among others. The sandwiches are fairly reasonable and well sized. She had the burger which was really delicious. I had a grilled chicken sandwich. Good but not as good as the burger. If you are looking for a fun place to go with friends, or for a different type of place then check it out. It’s not a great date place (tables are too cramped together) but it is definitely worth a try. For more info check out

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