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✈ Keeping Kosher in Niagara Falls, ON / NY

Contributed by: Dani Klein | Last Date of Travel: July 2006

Kosher Info: Kosher food in the Niagara region can only be found on the Canadian side, or in Buffalo (about 20+ min. away). Directly near the falls there is a dairy restaurant: King David Bakery which carries decent pizza, sandwiches, Israeli products, and bakery items. Chabad recommends Mendy’s Kosher Niagara, although I was not there. Here are Chabad’s listings for the area: Kosher Niagara.

Tourist Info: The falls are breathtakingly beautiful no matter who you are. There are fun activities on both the American and Canadian sides, however the fun tourist-y atmosphere exists by the hotels and attractions on the Canadian side of the Rainbow Bridge. Best time to visit is July 1-4, as July 1st is Canadian Independence Day and July 4th is American Independence Day, all 4 days are used to celebrate both countries; fireworks each night around 10pm.

American Attractions:

Canadian Attractions:

Jewish Info: There isn’t much history here. Contact the Chabad of Niagara which can help you with minyanim, mikvah, Shabbat, and food situations.

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