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✈ Keeping Kosher in Scotland, UK

Contributed by: Maurice T. Appelbaum | Last Date of Travel: May 2004

Kosher Info: There is a list, that I didn’t have access to at the time. We ate at people’s homes and bought fruits and vegetables and grilled a fish.

Edinburgh – A small community without kosher restaurants (at the time), but beautiful quaint city.

Inverness – no kosher food, outside of what might be on the English list.

Glasgow – 4 shuls, warm, large, but shrinking community. Few, if any restaurants (we had home hospitality).

Perth – not much, but we didn’t know where things were. Spend time in other places if you’re short on time.

Tourist Info: There are many really great places to visit, hikes, and many places to drink at the numerous distilleries. We rented a car, which was a scary experience because your natural instinct is to look the other way, which is the only practical way to get the most out of the beautiful country. Check out Nessie in Lochness – she is a splendid creature if you are lucky enough to see her. There are many castles and ruins that are fun to see and worth the experience and entry cost. There are also some good art museums in Glasgow.

Jewish Info: see above with Kosher info.

[If you have more specific info to add on Scotland, and more spefically on the cities in Scotland, please contact]

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