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Nevada News

Kosher Chinglish in Vegas has Permanently Closed

Whether you were a frequent visitor to Las Vegas or lived in the Jewish community, Kosher Chinglish was a city staple on the kosher food scene.

The restaurant started in the middle of the COVID pandemic in September 2020 with Ken and Kitty Heck bringing Cantonese-style food to Las Vegas.

From its inception, Kosher Chinglish was arguably the most popular kosher restaurant in Las Vegas and served some of the best kosher Chinese in the country. 

Despite being popular among Jewish convention-goers, the restaurant is closing June 9, due to their proximity to the Strip. Kosher Chinglish offered delivery despite being 25 minutes from the Strip when they had enough demand.

But a lack of demand from convention-goers led to them no longer offering delivery for tourists and there wasn’t enough traffic from the Las Vegas kosher scene to keep the restaurant afloat. No future plans have been revealed. This is a sad day for the owners and kosher diners.

Images credit: DansDeals