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Luxury Therapeutic Hotel in Swiss Alps Offering Special for Israelis Impacted by War

If you’re an Israeli who has endured the mental or physical strains of war over the past year and managed to save some money, a unique opportunity awaits you for restorative health at the Clinic Les Alpes hotel. Located in the picturesque Swiss Alps near Lake Geneva, this therapeutic hotel, the first of its kind globally, offers a luxurious sanctuary designed for both body and soul healing. The stay comes at a cost just shy of NIS 200,000 per week (Approx. $55k), clearly a luxury, exclusive offering.

Clinic Les Alpes caters especially to Israeli guests, providing a host of tailored services including kosher meals, Hebrew translation services, and specialized post-trauma treatments linked to war experiences. The all-inclusive package features gourmet meals, round-trip airport transfers, and a comprehensive array of treatments designed to rejuvenate guests during their stay. For a week, the vacation costs approximately 45,000 Swiss francs, or about NIS 180,000.

Reservations can be made through a direct email or via the hotel’s website’s “Contact Us” page. Following this, representatives from the hotel will reach out to prospective guests to conduct a Zoom interview and other assessments to customize their stay.

Clinic Les Alpes is not only a beacon of luxury but also comes with a strong endorsement from the Swiss Ministry of Health. It boasts a seasoned team of medical and holistic professionals, including doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nutritionists, fitness trainers, yoga instructors, and medically trained masseurs who are available around the clock. Each guest is treated to a personalized plan that encompasses a comprehensive lifestyle assessment covering their health, physical and mental conditions, dietary habits, and more.

During their stay, guests will enjoy a daily regimen of personal fitness training, professional consultations, spa treatments, and therapeutic activities such as guided hiking tours, art therapy, meditation, horse therapy, and more. The facility itself combines top-tier medical facilities on the first floor and a wellness spa on the second, featuring a swimming pool, saunas, a hammam, and fitness areas for Pilates and yoga.

The architectural design of Clinic Les Alpes respects its historical roots while incorporating contemporary and aristocratic English styles with rustic elements, ensuring a visually stunning environment that complements its therapeutic offerings. The center places a high priority on privacy and emotional security, recommending stays ranging from one week to a month, tailored to the patient’s needs.

Clinic Les Alpes has already attracted a global clientele, including European royalty, state heads, top business executives, and Hollywood celebrities, all seeking a discreet yet effective solution to their wellness needs. The Clinic stands as a testament to the vision of its founder, international entrepreneur Patrick Wilson, who aimed to create a world-class facility where physical, mental, and social well-being is prioritized, providing comprehensive support for guests and their families in managing and understanding emotional and health challenges.

You can find the rehab hotel at Clinic Les Alpes, Case Postale 93, CH-1833 Les Avants, Switzerland.