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Secret Experiential Kosher Restaurant, ImerSion, Opens in Tel Aviv

Imagine a restaurant with exceptional food while giving the senses a sensational experience. Billed as Israel’s “first immersive restaurant”, ImerSion provides a unique dining concept in the heart of Tel Aviv, which officially opened in January 2024. 

The restaurant was founded by chefs Sally Nejman and David Cohen while incorporating technology used in fields unrelated to the culinary arts creating a sensory journey between different worlds. The address is kept entirely secret and reserved for a limited 18-person capacity. 

ImerSion’s location within Tel Aviv is purposefully kept a secret from its guests

After making a reservation, the guest receives a confirmation message from the Ontopo website where they receive a meeting address to meet the driver. At the restaurant, guests discover a secret tasting menu based on the world they’re visiting. 

In a two-and-a-half hour journey, each guest is treated to six dishes, complemented by drinks and appetizers.

ImerSion is kosher certified by the Rabanut Harashit Israel, intending to include as many Israelis in the experience of immersive dining as possible. Meals are 690 NIS for a 7 p.m. dinner and 750 NIS for a 9:30 dinner.