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[New] Onami Opens Kosher Branch At The Hilton Tel Aviv

Onami, a veteran Japanese restaurant renowned for its authentic cuisine, has expanded its culinary horizon by opening a kosher branch located within The Hilton in Tel Aviv. It replaced the now-closed Yakimono. This new venture allows Onami to welcome diners seeking kosher dining options while still enjoying the restaurant’s celebrated Japanese dishes.

Diners can embark on a culinary journey that captures the essence of Japan, starting with traditional specialties such as Agadashi Dofu, a delicately fried tofu served in hot Tentsuyu sauce, and Sakamuchi, a dish featuring sea bass steamed in sake. The menu is thoughtfully complemented by a selection of sake and green tea, enhancing the authentic dining experience.

With a commitment to the art of Japanese cuisine, Onami’s sophisticated menu includes a variety of soups, fresh sushi, and masterfully prepared sashimi. The chefs at Onami prioritize the use of the finest ingredients, ensuring that each dish reflects both traditional flavors and contemporary culinary techniques.

Having been a key player in Tel Aviv’s restaurant scene for over 25 years, Onami’s reputation for quality and innovation continues to grow. The restaurant prides itself on a balanced offering of sushi and hot dishes, emphasizing traditional Japanese recipes made with the freshest fish and produce available.

The kosher branch of Onami is situated in the Hilton Tel Aviv at 205 HaYarkon St., Independence Park.

The restaurant welcomes guests from Sunday to Thursday, 12 pm to 11:30 pm, and on Friday from 12 pm until one hour before sunset, accommodating both lunch and dinner.

It is certified by the Rabbanut Tel Aviv.

Details provided via Yehudah Jacobs @theisraelifoodie