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Longstanding Restaurant in Eilat, Turns Kosher

A notable establishment in Eilat, the “Hamachbua Shel Adi” המחבוא של אדי is making a significant change by transitioning to a kosher format. This restaurant, which has been a part of Eilat’s culinary scene since 1979, has decided to adapt to the evolving preferences of its patrons.

המחבוא של אדי has been renowned for its grilled meat, shellfish, and fresh fish offerings. However, with the recent decision to go kosher, the restaurant is making adjustments to its menu. The key changes include removing dairy and shellfish options while retaining the popular grilled meat dishes. The restaurant is also shifting to pareve desserts.

One notable challenge the restaurant faces in this transformation is reinventing some of its signature dishes. Classics like meat lasagna and pasta will undergo a creative process to be made without creams, butter, and bechamel sauces, adhering to the kosher dietary guidelines.

This move reflects a larger trend in Eilat, where more non-kosher restaurants are choosing to embrace kosher practices. The המחבוא של אדי adds to the growing list of establishments adapting to the changing landscape, offering patrons a diverse range of kosher dining options in this vibrant city.

המחבוא של אדי is located at HaMasger 2, Eilat, Israel. It is kosher-certified by Rabbanut Eilat.

המחבוא של אדי is open 6pm – 11pm.

Thank you to Yehudah Jacobs (@theisraelifoodie) for compiling this article.