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5 Must-Try Kosher Products I’m Loving Right Now (Winter ‘24)

Every so often I do a run at the supermarket, or I get to rummage through the new kosher goodies my wife brings back from Trader Joe’s. On occasion, we stumble upon exciting and new kosher-certified products to try… and then go back and buy 5 more.

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Here are a few kosher products I’m loving right now, and will keep going back for more, in no particular order:

1) BelGioioso / Trader Joe’s Burrata Cheese (with or without Black Truffles)

Several BelGioioso cheeses have become kosher over the last year or two, certified OU-D, and while all of the products we’ve tried have been great, nothing compares to their burrata, which is traditionally a product that has not been easy to find kosher anywhere.

We initially found a seasonal white-labeled version of this on the shelves of Trader Joe’s but we’re starting to find them in other supermarkets, as well as certain Costco locations.

Both the regular and truffle varieties are excellent and would happily recommend either. We’ve been enjoying them spread on toasted sourdough bread. My wife enjoys it sweet, with a spread of fig jam. I prefer it savory, with a spread of avocado, cracked salt & pepper & red pepper flakes. If I’m feeling spicy, I’d drizzle on some Mr. Bing chili crisp (more on that below).

For those not familiar with burrata, it’s a fresh cheese that resembles a Fresh Mozzarella ball, but when split open, you’ll discover a rich-tasting soft filling of fresh pieces of Mozzarella soaked in heavy cream. The truffle variety includes some small truffle shavings for a not-too-subtle hint of truffle.

Some online retailers sell this product but it’s not obvious if all come with the OU-D designation. You can try your luck online here, but may have better luck finding the kosher versions in stores.

Burrata with Black Truffles: or Regular Burrata:

2) Mr. Bing Chili Crisp

For anyone that puts red chili flakes on their pizza or avocado toast, Chili crisp is a must for so many different dishes, but adds so much flavor and heat that it’s a new staple in my kitchen. This product also works well with the aforementioned burrata product and other cheesy products.

Chili Crisp is an import from the street carts in Beijing, China, combining multiple smoky and hot peppers, mushroom powder, garlic, and onion for a punch of umami flavors.

We originally found this Kof-K kosher-certified product at an Asian specialty store, but you can easily just buy this off of Amazon:

3) Coffee Mate Coconut Crème coffee creamer

Coffee purists, please look away.

I can’t do black coffee. I need it light and sweet.

Over the last few years I’ve been sampling lots of different brands and flavors, and this past year I settled on Coffee Mate’s Coconut Crème as my go-to daily creamer. It works perfectly in both hot and iced coffee, and adds just the right amount of sweetness and coconut flavor to make the coffee feel like an exotic escape. (Yes, I also enjoy piña coladas).

This product is kosher-certified OU-D.

This is an easy product to find in any major supermarket, but you can also order it on Amazon Fresh, regular: and Sugar-Free:

4) Maldon Smoked Sea Salt

By no means a new product, this new-to-me condiment I learned about after my latest travels. It was a condiment left in our rental home. This British salt is hand-harvested and smoked over oak wood for a rich smoky flavor. I find it works well on grilled fish, meat, veggies, and even challah and hummus. Works with nearly anything that is savory if you love smoky flavors.

This product is kosher certified in the UK by the Manchester Beth Din (MBD), whose logo may not appear on the packaging.

This product can be found in specialty stores and on Amazon here:

5) Bubala: Fruit Infused Seltzer Water

It’s seltzer + 20% fruit juice. The new product line for Bubala includes 4 flavors, including many of our favorite Friday night treats – the grape juice + seltzer spritzer, as well as apple, peach, and orange.

I’ve been trying to mostly cut out sugary sodas from my diet and switch to seltzer-based drinks. Any sugars in the Bubala are all natural, no sugar or high fructose corn syrup added. All 12oz cans have only 35 calories.

Bubala is kosher certified by both the OU and Tarnopol Kashrus (that’s how you know it’s made by someone from the frum community).

You can currently buy them at select supermarkets, a handful of kosher restaurants in the NY area (hopefully more coming), and on Amazon here:

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