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[REVIEW] Pasta Making Class at Bay Cafe in Brooklyn

This review is straight out of our Facebook group: Kosher Restaurant Reviews & Discussion from longtime YeahThatsKosher contributor Abie Dweck.

Almost every time you walk into The Bay Cafe & Restaurant, you see a man in the front making fresh pasta. That man is Albert Bijou and after seeing him dozens of times making that pasta, I asked him if we could have a pasta-making class in Bay Cafe to celebrate my wife’s birthday with about 20 of our friends and family.

After going over different options we landed on a day, setup, and price. We had 2 sets of tables set up for us. The 1st set of tables was for us to order items off the menu for dinner and enjoy. The 2nd set of tables was for the pasta-making class.

As we arrived each of us ordered off the menu. I ordered the 2 specials shown below, the Miso Ramen which is served with a sous vide egg, and dried mushrooms amongst other things which reminded me of Phomen (RIP) as well as his special of Gnocchi Di Ricotta All Boscaiolaw which was amazing and was gone before you knew it. Other items ordered included fan favorites such as Lasagna Frittas and BBQ Cauliflower amongst their more common items such as Pizza and Penne.

After about an hour or so, it was time for the main event. We switched to the 2nd set of tables, where Albert walked us through the pasta-making process from grinding the wheat (he did this in-house and in front of us!) to mixing the flour with various ingredients depending on which dough/pasta we were making. We were then given the dough and various instruments used to make different types of pasta. Albert walked us through how to make each of them and then we were off. Each of us took turns creating different types of pasta, most of which I had never heard of before. After about 60-90 minutes of pasta making, Albert took all of our pasta and made several dishes out of them. From pesto to eggplant and alfredo etc, each dish tasted better than the next.

After enjoying the pasta that we made, we ordered dessert from the many options on the menu which included (my favorite) sachlab, waffles and ice cream, churros, cakes, etc.

The staff did an amazing job of keeping everything organized and bringing us whatever we needed before we even asked.

Thank you, Bay Cafe and Albert!

NOTE: From what I understand Albert also offers pasta-making classes in your home but if you want to do it in Bay Cafe there is also the option of a pre-fixe menu.

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