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[NOW OPEN] Eyal Shani’s 2nd NYC kosher restaurant announced: Miznon Times Square

Miznon Times Square will be the ONLY kosher Miznon location in the world

UPDATED Jan 29, 2024

Chef Eyal Shani launched his first kosher restaurant in NYC less than two months ago on the Upper West Side, Malka. Reservations at Malka have been nearly impossible to get. It’s been so busy many nights that they often run out of some dishes before the night is over.

Perhaps as a result of the popularity at Malka, the group that manages chef Eyal Shani’s restaurants has decided to the Times Square location of Miznon kosher.

Located at 1410 Broadway, this small, fast-casual Miznon location originally opened at the beginning of November 2023. It will now be converted into a kosher restaurant under the supervision of Rabbi Mehlman (National Kosher Supervision) after the kitchen will be kashered in the coming weeks. Rabbi Mehlman expects that the first day of kosher business will be on January 21st or 22nd, 2024.

It is important to note that Miznon operates numerous restaurants in NYC, Boston, and in 6 major cities around the world including Vienna, Tel Aviv, Singapore, Melbourne, Paris, and London. ONLY the Times Square location of Miznon is becoming kosher – for now – in addition to its sister restaurant Malka on the UWS. Rabbi Mehlman confirms that the restaurant will include the word כשר, Kosher, in Hebrew to the marquee sign in the front of the restaurant, and included in the menu and website to distinguish that this is the only Kosher Miznon. The restaurant will be meat only and 100% Glatt Kosher with experienced mashgichim temidim.

Miznon’s menu features lots of overstuffed pita sandwiches like a falafel burger, rib eye steak, wild mushrooms, steak & eggs, rotisserie broken chicken, “amburger”, chicken liver, kebabs, schnitzel, fish n chips, and more. “Out of pita” options include baby cauliflower, batata, lamb kebab, ratatouille, and more.

>>> Click here for the restaurant menu (this menu is subject to change)

Kosher Miznon NYC (Times Square only) is located at 1410 Broadway.
Kosher Miznon NYC is kosher certified by R’ Mehlman (NKS).

The restaurant is open Mon-Thur 11-8, with shorter hours on Fridays. Sunday hours TBD.

Scroll down for beautiful pics from Kosher Miznon Times Square’s menu

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