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Florida News

New Kosher Bukharian Restaurant & Hookah Bar in Miami: The Guest

The Guest is a new kosher Bukharian restaurant that opened earlier this summer in the North Miami Beach neighborhood of Miami-Dade County. The restaurant puts tremendous focus on curating a warm, inviting atmosphere with signature dishes and experiences.

Not often seen at kosher restaurants, diners at The Guest can enjoy a hookah bar on the restaurant’s outdoor patio.

The menu includes a myriad of traditional Bukharian dishes: samsa, manti, chuchvara, and pelmeni to name a few. Also available is a kids menu with favorites like chicken nuggets and hot dogs.

The Guest is located at 2995 NE 163rd St, North Miami Beach, Florida. It is kosher-certified by the ORB.

The Guest is open Monday-Thursday 3pm – 1am, Fridays 11am – 2hrs before Shabbat, Motzei Shabbos 1hr after Shabbat – 1am, and Sundays 12pm – 11pm.